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  • Fleetback at Web Summit

    3 innovations disrupting the automotive industry (and our everyday lives)

    How technology will impact the whole automotive ecosystem: from OEMs (car manufacturers) to dealerships and consumers.
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  • Philippe Emond Fleetback

    Bilia-Emond: driving force of the automotive sector revitalization in Luxembourg - by Philippe Emond

    • Luxembourg: a key market for the BMW brand, which claims a 10% market share.
    • What are the determining factors of customer satisfaction in the automotive sector?
    • How does Philippe Emond use digital tools to ensure standards-based quality of service?
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  • Philippe Emond Fleetback

    Premium brands: how to stand out thanks to digital tools? - by Philippe Emond

    • How did Philippe Emond build an automotive empire over the span of a few years?
    • Do digital tools replace dealership employee’s jobs ?
    • What are the restraints facing car dealership customers?
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  • Loic Delcroix - Groupe David Gerbier

    Replying to leads and customers in less than a minute - by Loic Delcroix

    Thanks to the group’s adaptations and innovative tools deployed within the David Gerbier group, 95% of their customers are satisfied with their transparent and prompt communication.
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  • Loic Delcroix - Groupe David Gerbier

    David Gerbier’s big digital turning point - by Loic Delcroix

    How to attract more customers to your dealership ?
    How to drive traffic inside dealerships to attract people who don’t go to showrooms anymore ?
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  • Nicolas Ferre - Deep learning - Fleetback

    Machine Learning at Fleetback

    Deep learning demystified by Nicolas Ferre, programmer at Fleetback since 6 months.
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  • Fleetback & T-Scan merger

    Merging of Fleetback and T-Scan: The winning duo of car dealership digitalization

    September 2018 - Fleetback and T-scan join forces to offer dealers and their customers an even more complete vehicle tracking and diagnostis tool!
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  • BMW France adopts Fleetback

    BMW France adopts Fleetback

    BMW France has chosen Fleetback™ to equip its dealerships for their sales and after sales departments throughout the entire country.
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  • EQUIP AUTO: Biggest after-sales event

    Fleetback at the biggest after sales trade show: EQUIP AUTO

    More than 95,000 professionals and 1,200 companies and brands from 40 countries gathered from the 17th to the 21st of October 2017 in Paris for 5 days of business, innovation and meetings around automotive technology and after sales service.
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