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Business Developer Benelux


August 23, 2022

Joffrey, our Business Developer on the Benelux market, talks with us on how to work remotely yet having a sense of belonging. Read on to discover more!


Hi Joffrey!

Hey Léna.


It’s been a while since we haven’t seen each other! That’s nice. How are you doing these days, far away in Belgium?

I’m doing fine, I’m on the road a lot, which I like, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break to see you guys at the office. Good to be back!


Would you mind if I start this interview by asking you to introduce yourself? Let’s stay traditional!

Sure. I’m in charge of Business Development for the Benelux region, and although I’ve been at Fleetback since just over a year, I’ve been in the automotive industry for 15 years, in the After-Sales side of it, mostly in operational management. I started my career in the tire industry, then spent 6 years at Volvo, and 6 other working for the BMW Group, so – McLaren, BMW, Rolls-Royce.


Oh wow, fancy cars!

Yes! And a very demanding type of customers, which I like. I loved the challenge.


And so now at Fleetback, what’s your day-to-day?

I think Business Development is mostly about relationships and delivering added value, and I guess that’s what I do – customer relationships. I guide my clients in their journey towards digitalization, and I position myself as their partner rather than their supplier. Having worked in that industry, having been in their exact seat before, I have a good knowledge of the industry and their needs, and that makes me capable of helping them.


I guess it helps that you had the same issues before!

Right – I always say that digitalization is a process, and Fleetback is a tool. If a client has issues with digital processes at large, I help them get the best value out of the tool that is Fleetback. With such a volatile industry, and such high turnovers, it’s important that my customers see me as an ally. They know they can call me for any kind of issue, and I’ll help them find a solution.


You’re very committed, aren’t you?

I am! But it’s also helpful for me; as I said, we’re not “just a provider”, we’re a partner. That allows us to grow together with our customers. Our exchanges enable us to follow market evolutions and aim always higher.


I understand. So it’s important to you to bring value – what else do you like in your job?

Well I have a “people are important” kind of job, so I guess it’s good that I like that aspect as well. But I also like the logistics of it! Driving places, being in my car a lot, seeing different people every day.


And is there a part of it you dislike?

If I had a magic wand I would remove internal politics, because they almost always make my job harder. It’s hard to help people who already have an agenda, and who have decided that digitalization is not for them, or that it should absolutely look like this or that. But that’s part of working with humans – sometimes you disagree.


And what about Fleetback? Is there something you’d change here?

I would love if everything could be even faster – but it doesn’t depend as much on Fleetback as it does on the industry. Even when we think ahead of market trends, there are always steps to take before a product is ready, and we shouldn’t lose focus of our priorities. I guess I’d love to see more partnerships!


And now the good part! What do you like here?

I absolutely love the team spirit here. Everyone knows their job, how to get it done, and how to help other people do theirs. And we have such a reactive team! You know, it transpires outside of the office too. I’ve had clients mention the reactivity of the customer support, or say their expectations were exceeded.


That must have been a nice conversation!

Oh, yes. It’s always nice to have good feedback.


And finally, our traditional last question: what’s the tool you like or use the most?

I have several, it’s a mix! Since I’m in my car a lot, I use a small Moleskine to take notes, because it’s so portable, and Siri to remind me of things and take mental shortcuts. Apart from that, I use our CRM and Excel for my own day-to-day follow-up, and Slack as a communication tool with you guys. It’s a great way to keep close to the team even though I’m not at the office.


Thanks so much for your time!

Thank you!