[Success Story] Fleetback's evolution since 5 years - by Kevin Renier

Get behind the scenes in an interview with one of the first Fleetback employees. Flashback on his career and how he participated in the evolution of Fleetback.

Kevin, you’re celebrating your 5th work birthday with ARHS / Fleetback! Can you tell us about your background and how Fleetback has evolved over the years?

When and how did you arrive at Fleetback?

At the end of 2015, I was working for ARHS Spikeseed on a project for the Publications Office of the European Union. The Fleetback project needed an Android developer. As I had the skills, I got an internal interview after which my mission was to develop the Android Fleetback App, which was only available on iOS at the time.

What was your role at the time?

From the start, as there were only a few of us, I was fortunate enough to be able to take on several roles within Fleetback.

At the very beginning, I was in charge of developing the Android application. It was a time that I really loved! I was alone on this mission and it was very exciting having to manage everything on my own. This is how we learn best and have the most personal satisfaction because we manage to overcome all challenges.

Fortunately, I had a more senior colleague, Olivier, to whom I could refer if needed.

As we followed an agile development methodology, I also took part in the demos with all the components of Fleetback and I was keen to contribute my ideas to improve the product in general.

Then, the number of users quickly grew and I went on the road to train the users in the dealership for a few months. These trainings were very valuable because they allowed me to meet the end users in the field, to understand their processes and their issues. It’s an experience that has always helped me in all the roles I’ve had at Fleetback. Being in the field is also a way to forge links, which also allowed me to connect my contacts and the sales teams.

How was the team made up?

When I joined Fleetback, the team was quite small.

There was Christophe, the Managing Director of ARHS Spikeseed, who managed the Fleetback project and the commercial part in the beginning.

There was also Daniel, who developed the website and Jordane who handled the iOS application with Olivier who provided support for important or urgent developments.

Dimitri, our current Development Manager, also quickly joined us to manage the development part.

What was the scope of the project?

At the very beginning, we only worked with dealers in Belgium, around ten when I arrived! We had the web app and one mobile app: Fleetback App for iOS.

Needless to say, the look and features were light years away from what we have now, although digital communication has always been at the heart of the application.

And since then, how have things evolved in your position and Fleetback?

The good thing about Fleetback is that it’s always evolving. In a few years, everything has changed! The development team has grown, as has the sales, training and marketing team.

In a nutshell, at the beginning there were 5 of us and now more than 20. We have gone from 10 dealerships to 1000 in 5 years.

Fleetback has also become an entity of the ARHS group with a new management.

Projects and requests have obviously diversified, just like our clients. Geographically, after Belgium, France, Luxembourg, we have established ourselves in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden and even on other continents today. Even if it brings new challenges, it allows us to have new ideas from different horizons and to invest in new developments. Finally, everyone benefits from this success!

Our customers also know that the product is constantly changing and that we are releasing new features and solutions all the time.

What is your current job?

Today I have three roles with Fleetback.

The first is to manage the 4 mobile applications and the mobile development team. I attach great importance to the quality of the application and its ease of use.

Along with several of my colleagues, we also form the support team. In addition to the different languages ​​to manage, today we are faced with a very complete Fleetback ecosystem and it is important to be able to know each of the parts in depth in order to respond effectively and quickly to the various requests.

Finally, since this year, I have also taken place as Product Owner on the project. This means that I am in contact with customers, salespeople, management and the development team to establish, in accordance with the needs and constraints of each party, the list of priorities and a schedule for their development.

With the increase in the number of customers and the different geographic sectors in which we are present, it is more than ever necessary to communicate and structure the evolution of the product.

For the three roles, my seniority on the project is a real asset. Having followed the development part and the business part from the beginning helps to better understand current demands, to better understand our customers, and to better understand development as a whole.

What project is the team currently working on?

Today the team is working on 3 main projects.

  1. The first is the 247 key deposit. The concept, all the more essential during COVID, is to be able to let customers drop off their vehicle with no contact and outside of dealership opening hours. Whether it is to avoid contact, to avoid waiting at reception, or to be able to drop off your vehicle at any time with a safe system, we add to Fleetback the possibility to manage all or part of customer appointment via digital communication.
  2. The second project we’re working on right now is improving the Fleetback App sales mode. We want to make it possible for dealerships to use Fleetback to feed their “digital” stock of vehicles and to further improve digital sales communication. This includes, for example, 360 ° videos or automatic vehicle cropping.
  3. Finally, the third project and not the least is to continue to improve our ecosystem on a continuous basis. Whether it’s new ideas or improvements to existing games, part of the team is continually dedicated to improving the existing one to make the Fleetback experience the easiest, most enjoyable, and yet most complete possible.

What do you like the most about Fleetback?

I think you get it now, what I like about Fleetback is the diversity of roles that I have been able to take on as it has evolved. Each of these roles is a challenge that increases with the number of developers, salespeople, customers, geographic areas, cultures, working methods, etc.

Every day, we have to find solutions to all these challenges while continuing to innovate. Fortunately, we can count on a great team for this!