Impactful communication & photosMake your dealership
stand out

Automotive marketing for your
used car listings and visual identity

  • Stand out on crowded used-car platforms
  • Protect your visual identity and medias
  • Send impactful messages online
  • Consistent medias on any communication platform
  • Brand your medias for any occasion
  • Encourage car buyers to choose your dealership
Fleetback App The numbers speak for themselves

Customize all your photos and control your communications

  • Share your pictures easily in your brand approved format
  • Improve your picture quality and apply photo stamps
  • Brand your pictures for any occasion, on any communication channel
  • Use it for: Used car listing, commercial operations, new car arrivals, special car brands
  • Create a marketing campaign with just a picture

What makes Fleetback Studio different ?

  • Visually impactful and consistent with your current marketing campaigns

  • A personal and brand approved communication

  • Standardized communications and medias

  • Charted medias in your brand and dealership’s style