How it all startedFleetback : story of a car dealership and an IT group

Fleetback started out as a project from a dealership manager that asked us to help him find a solution to a specific need.

He noticed that customer’s needs had changed but the automotive world didn’t change as fast. He wanted a way to reconnect with his customers and stand out from other dealerships. So, together with him, we created it!

We immersed ourselves in his world, his dealership, how it works, and analysed his overall internal processes, pin-pointed some pain points and found areas of improvement.

Automobile has always been part of our mother company’s culture: ARHS, an international 1000 employees group founded and managed by a car fanatic (and Rallye pilot) himself.

Working at Fleetback

Working at Fleetback

  • Our team is composed of various profiles: software development, support, management, sales and marketing. All different but complementary, we share the same values and working methods.
  • Agile methodology enables us to be flexible to customer needs and provide never ending improvements.
  • Our mission is to be dealership’s digital transformation partner, working hand in hand to meet their needs, as well as their customer’s. Fleetback is created FOR and WITH our customers.

Our approach

  • 1
    First, our Sales team will make sure they have a complete understanding of your dealership’s particularities and needs.
  • 2
    Our Technical team will develop a personal and customized application with tailor made features for your dealership and brands.
  • 3
    Our Training team will provide you with professional coaching of all your teams so they can take full advantages of the app’s benefits.
  • 4
    Our Sales, Technical and Training team will follow up and guide you throughout your entire digital transformation journey. We’ll stay in touch for any question you might have.


Certified TUV Austria Hellas EN ISO-9001:2015

It’s Fleetback’s policy to deliver IT services and products meeting or exceeding customer requirements. We will continue our development by achieving optimum customer satisfaction. We are committed to maintain and improve a formal and documented Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. Implementation of the Quality Policy is the responsibility of every member of Fleetback.

Certified TUV Austria Hellas EN ISO-27001:2013

It’s Fleetback’s policy to protect the security of the services provided to its customers against all internal, external, accidental or deliberate threats. This comprises the confidentiality of the information provided by the customer and the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the services provided. To achieve this goal, the company iscommitted to implement and maintain an Information Security Management System compatible with the ISO 27001:2013 standard.