Your dealership is using Fleetback.

This means they communicate with you in total transparency.

Discover the video

  • Keep control over your car

    Your dealership warns you in case of unscheduled works.
    The technician films a video to explain the source of the problem and the necessary repairs.
    The work will only be done once they have received your agreement.

  • Visual proof

    Thanks to photos and videos, you see exactly what the technician sees.
    He can highlight certains parts of the photos and attention points of the video to help you better understand.
    The explanation is simpler and quick to understand.

  • Clear explanations

    It can sometimes be difficult to understand the explanations of automotive experts.
    Thanks to photos and videos, it’s much easier to understand the problem on your car and the recommendations. You have all the elements to make a decision in full confidence.

  • No surprise at reception

    The technician indicates the necessary repairs, their level of urgency as well as the price.
    Each element is justified by a photo and / or video.
    You can select the works you want to have done directly in the electronic quote.

For sales and after sales

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Available anywhere, anytime.

View your personalized page:

  • on any device (mobile, tablet, computer)
  • as many times as you want
  • share the page or videos
  • ask your friend’s opinion

What happens once your car
is dropped off in the dealership?

  • 1
    The technician films a video showing the repairs needed on your vehicle

  • 2
    Your dealership sends you an SMS and / or email with a link to your personalized page

  • 3
    Click on the link to view the photos and explanatory videos and the estimate of necessary repairs.

  • 4
    Select the works you want to have done.
    Your dealership will be notified and will proceed with the repairs.


  • Customer
    DG8 Cars

    This video is original and reassuring. It shows the quality of your customer service.
    Very well done and in a well appreciated and friendly tone. Congratulations for this idea!

  • Customer
    BMW Bilia-Emond Luxembourg

    I was very happy with the service I received, the electronic quote
    and explanatory video, as well as the speedy repairs.

  • Customer
    BMW Louyet La Louvière

    The way you handle the vehicles you receive is absolutely brilliant.
    Thank you very much. Your customers couldn’t ask for more!

  • Customer
    BMW Le Couter Tielt

    First of all, congratulations on the quality of your product.
    It’s very well-designed and very useful!

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