Merging of Fleetback and T-Scan: The winning duo of car dealership digitalization

September 2018 - Fleetback and T-scan join forces to offer dealers and their customers an even more complete vehicle tracking and diagnostis tool!

A common mission: a complete and personalized follow-up of the vehicle

Fleetback - specialized in digital solutions for car dealers, and T-Scan - expert in tire diagnosis, share the same mission: to help car dealerships offer a better experience to their customers by offering complete, detailed and transparent monitoring of their vehicle. 

As part of Fleetback’s digital solutions ecosystem, Fleetback App allows car dealers to send personalized photo and video messages to their customers to explain (and show) the necessary work on their vehicle, all on a summary webpage with an electronic quote. The customer can therefore confirm - with confidence (and price offer) - the work to be done on their car. No more surprises when picking up their car … as well as the final amount of their bill!

With “Groove Glove” and “Treadspec”, T-Scan can automatically or manually identify the vehicle, scan its tires and get a complete report of tire wear and geometry. The resulting report includes recommendations, analysis and comments for each tire.

Transparency, quality and responsiveness 

With this technical match, T-Scan diagnostics, combined with Fleetback interventions, will automatically generate a list of recommended tire jobs and their level of urgency.

Diagnostic report and videos in support, the customers of the dealership will be able to validate - in the blink of an eye - the recommended work on their vehicle and tires. They have all the elements in hand to make a decision about their car.

Christophe Grosjean, Fleetback Project Manager: 

« We met T-Scan during our joint participation in Equip-Auto 2017 - a meeting place for major players in the automotive after-sales sector.

We immediately understood that our digital solutions were complementary and addressed a similar problem. Indeed, we are two solutions in the automotive sector that provide industry players with innovative tools to improve the customer experience.

By retrieving T-Scan tire diagnostic data, we provide customers with more information about the status of their vehicle and the repairs to be made, by being able to directly send them a personalized electronic quote.

It is clear that such a merger enhances the use of our own solutions with our respective customers.  This facilitates communication between the dealership and their customers. »

 Christian Demenais, France Sales VP at T-Scan, gives us his opinion on this combination:

« We immediately saw a common interest due to our technical and commercial similarities.

Now, we have an interface that completes the files open in Fleetback  in order to offer additional tires sales when the T-Scan report recommends it.

Sales often forgotten during the “front” technician course are now revisited when the car is on the bridge. The ways of informing the customer is ideal, thanks to this integration. 

In addition, we have common customers who see this integration as a double benefit because they benefit from the added value of both solutions within a single tool.

We are talking about this integration as a big “Win Win” on the market. We are very satisfied with this combination because we treat customers with a modern and profitable approach, supporting them towards a digitalization strategy. 

We are also thinking about developing this partnership even further… »