Virtual ShowroomStay connected
to your visitors

Enhance your used car listings and customer experience with dynamic content and video presentations

  • Develop your dealership’s reputation
  • Stand out from online and on-the-field competition
  • Attract and retain more visitors in your dealership
  • Keep your customers active in your showroom
  • Increase sales conversion with visually impactful content
  • Stay connected to your customers during the entire buying process
  • Broadcast the right content at the right moment
Fleetback App The numbers speak for themselves

Communicate about your brand, your dealership and your group

  • Promotional and commercial actions
  • News and events (trade show, open days, car presentations, new campaign, etc.)
  • Second-hand vehicles, new releases and accessories stock
  • Corporate content (sales team overview, satisfaction survey results, new employees, client testimonials)
  • Life at your dealership (birthdays, promotion, employee of the month)

What makes Fleetback TV different ?

  • Dynamic content management

    Display live & dynamic content about your brand and add updated news concerning your dealership.

  • Interactive and participative

    Your customers can browse through your content, search per criteria, consult your brand’s news.

  • Brandable and personal

    Customizable templates, content and features for your group or brand. Aligned with your strategy and brand image.

  • Monitoring and reporting

    Capture data from your visitor’s search: get insights on their most popular searches, views per vehicles, model, etc.