[Health crisis] - adapting our work habits and new solutions for the automotive industry

We’re all facing the same problematics: how to stay in touch with customers? What can we change in the future?

We’ve developped a specific contactless Key drop-off solution completely adapted to the current events.

Digital solutions are now more important than ever. They’re even becoming the new “normal”.

How is Fleetback and the overall automotive industry impacted by the current events? We’ve asked a few questions to Dimitri Duszynski, Development Manager at Fleetback.

  1. Tell us about your position at Fleetback ?

I’ve been working at Fleetback for 4 years as the Development team manager. I’m in charge of the overall development of the Fleetback products.

My main role is to manage the development team and ensure that it is producing added value to the product in line with the business requirements and priorities.

I’m also involved in different technical topics related to integrations with third-party services in dealerships (i.e. DMS, external software…). The goal is to make Fleetback a core component in dealerships and connecting it to tools and softwares they already use!

2. How has homeworking impacted the development team’s job and everyday life? Has it impacted the “solutions” you develop?

We are lucky that the development of the products can be done 100% remotely. The team has access to the same information either from home or the office!

It’s just another way of working via videoconference or messaging tools instead of physical communication.

Homeworking in our field (development) can even be more effective than working in the office. People don’t lose time on the road, there are less distractions and meetings are more time efficient.

I don’t feel any impact on the solutions we are developing but some of the solutions we’ve developed have proven their key value during the health crisis. (i.e. Key deposit)!

3. How do you manage a team remotely? Do you have any good tips?

To be honest… I didn’t really change my way of managing the team remotely.

I just need to make sure that I can support remote employees by putting in place relatively quick things to ease the transition, such as:

  • Structured daily meetings
  • A lot of communication
  • Being more focused on outcomes instead of activity (as it’s not possible to manage every aspect of the work done by a remote team)
  • Providing access to several communication options (Slack, Zoom, Skype, Teams…)
  • Proposing remote social interactions (virtual after works)

Most importantly: trusting the team and giving them the freedom and flexibility to get work done on the schedule that helps them be the most productive. I think it’s good for the team and the company in the long run.

4. What is the team currently working on?

The development team has worked on several topics that were asked from our customers, such as a statistics exporting solution, a rating system for dealerships’ customers (also included in the statistics) and the general improvement of the applications in order to provide them clear, fast and robust solutions.

Another big solution that will have an important role during this period, is the Key Drop Off. It will allow customers to have a 247 access to their dealership - without any contact.

Lockers available outside of dealerships will enable customers to drop off / pick up their vehicle key. This can be done at any time and any date. Dealerships can then handle the customer’s vehicle without any contact. A rental car can also be prepared for the customer via the Key drop off.

5. What are the benefits of the Key drop off for dealerships? And for their customers?

For dealerships:

  • Better organization of appointments (time efficient)
  • Central point for appointments and vehicle status in Fleetback
  • More availability for their customers (better customer satisfaction)

For customers:

  • 247 access to their dealership
  • No contact needed between customers and employees
  • Less time spent inside the dealership
  • Possibility to pay online the works on the vehicle (total digital process)

6. How is the Key drop off going to help in times like these?

Due to the health crisis we’re facing, the way people interact with each other and in particular in dealerships, will change.

Some mindsets have already changed since the beginning of the crisis:

“Before the crisis, some of our dealers, for example, were still a little reluctant to set up a 24-hour after-sales service and therefore possibly without contact with staff. Now everyone thinks it’s a very positive possibility: one can drop off their car at midnight for maintenance and leave with a replacement car, of which you receive the key via a secure locker. ”

Eddy Haesendonck - CEO of BMW Belgium

The trend inside dealerships will be to reduce physical contact with their customers but to keep providing them with exceptional service and good communication.

Our main goal has always been to digitize dealerships’ process and to bring dealerships and their customers closer together - via digital solutions.

Fleetback will have a key role in this context, especially through our main Video solution, Online payment option, Remote validation of works and the new Key drop off solution.