Many think they are already doing everything right - AutoHaus interview

Fleetback not only wants to simplify the processes in the dealership with comprehensive digital solutions, but also to accelerate them. In the end, everyone involved should benefit from this: dealers, customers and employees.

AutoHaus interview between Felix Altmann and Fabian Motte (DACH Account Manager Fleetback)

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AH: Fleetback is still relatively new to the German market.

F. Motte: Until now, Fleetback has mainly been on the French-speaking markets and has already established itself as the market leader. We have recently been represented with our products and solutions in the important and highly competitive German car market.

Fleetback is part of the Arhs Group, a specialist in IT processes and systems. The company was created through the request of a car dealer who is a close friend of our CEO.
He wanted to stand out from other dealers and respond better to the needs of his customers. We examined the dealer’s processes and this project eventually gave rise to Fleetback.

AH: What do you offer your customers?

F. Motte: Our first own tool, which we developed four years ago, is our photo / video tool for communicating with customers.

In the meantime, we no longer see Fleetback as a developer, but as an ecosystem for the entire dealership.

On the one hand, we are close to the market and develop. On the other hand, we also listen carefully to what the dealers need. These include, for example, two-way communication via messenger services, contactless handover and, as I said, live video communication.

Retailers are particularly happy to use our digital checklists in the area of ​​aftersales. The customer receives the list digitally and can contact a contact person directly if they have any questions. This makes the process much easier for both sides.

AH: Can you explain the checklists a little?

F. Motte: Let’s take the seasonal check for a vehicle as an example. On the digital checklist are all points that have to be taken into account by the technician during the check. Of course, the list can also be completed by the dealership with its own additional points or created completely individually.

The service advisor then goes through the list point by point as on paper. If the he discovers a defect, he can also record it with a photo or a short video. If, for example, the brake pads have to be replaced, they are automatically offered at the end based on the chassis number.

The employee no longer has to jump back and forth between different systems, but the system automatically pulls the prices. The employee only has to take photos or a short video and can send the offer consisting of the inspection and repair offer.

This gives the customer maximum transparency, because he sees exactly what has been examined and how much the necessary repairs cost.
There are also setting options for the dealer. For example, it can be determined that a list cannot be completed if individual items have not been ticked off. This also gives the dealer the opportunity to check that the service is being carried out correctly.

At the end, the customer receives the link to a detailed overview of the costs by email or SMS and can order and pay for the repair directly, or contact a contact person.

“Fleetback doesn’t just want to be another additional solution in the car trade. “Fabian Motte, DACH Account Manager at Fleetback

AH: That means you can also make special offers to the customer using the checklists?

F. Motte: Exactly! The vehicle market has to generate additional offers, because new business models such as subscriptions and e-mobility mean that dealers are losing more and more sales.

The customer must be contacted accordingly. Our checklists offer standardized services such as climate check and car wash. The employee has less effort because he does not have to offer these offers individually each time. Customer service consultants also no longer have to do any sales work.

AH: How much does Fleetback cost?

F. Motte: The standard software costs EUR 189 per month. There is also a training fee, because sustainability is important to us. Customers should be able to use the system and will continue to be supported by us after implementing the software.

The software runs either app-based or via a web platform. So no additional hardware is required. Interfaces to various DMS systems are also no problem. The offer also includes unlimited SMS, WhatsApp and email. So there are no hidden costs.

AH: You see Fleetback as your own digital ecosystem. Can the collected data then also be evaluated for internal purposes?

F. Motte: Fleetback can also be used internally and the results can be evaluated accordingly. How many files have been sent and how much of the amounts proposed have been accepted.